Agility Sequence and the Meaning of Life

I’ve been the past several days in Minnesota. I started in Knife River and ended up in Duluth. I’ve learned about the Rangers and the Virginians… and the mysterious folks down in the Cities. I stayed at a place called Gitche Gumee. Have you read your Longfellow? Was it The Song of Hiawatha?

For the past two days I’ve had a mixed group handling seminar. It was a group of really nice working dogs; which isn’t always the case in seminar. We started with the sequence I’ve drawn below. This is a special zinger I dreamt up mostly to challenge a community of agility fan handlers who don’t have a powerful instinct for counter rotation. And the vee-set opening is a gratuitous riddle for the one or two who actually need it.

I’m not going to do the blow by blow on this sequence. Frankly, I’ll typically put up course/sequence challenges early to get a good read on the local talent… and where we need to go reveals itself perfectly fine. And I’m sure it did today.

The meaning of life… with all respect to Monte Python, I sometimes find revealing clarity in the agility sequence. I wish I could do that in RL.



In the movie Multiple Sarcasms there’s a musical interlude vocal no real words (what do they call that?) I’d heard it before and I was wrestling/wondering where I’d heard it before. Hey… it was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. How on earth did I remember that? I, who can’t remember a new thing for two minutes, remembering a silly vocal from a movie I saw like 40 years ago.

Oh, Multiple Sarcasms…he was talking to her in his play. Saying things he did not have the composure and maybe courage to say in RL. What an amazing feat of writing and imagination.

Bud’s Google-Proof Trivia Contest

What is the shortest verse in the Bible? There is a line similar to the verse in the movie Tombstone. What was the line?


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7 Responses to “Agility Sequence and the Meaning of Life”

  1. Marsha Says:

    I believe it is “He wept”. Isn’t MN a wonderful place? Too bad about the winters and the mosquitoes…

  2. Linda Knowles Says:

    Jesus Wept. Not sure but was the quote in Tombstone, Behold the pale horse?

    • budhouston Says:

      You’re half right already… Jesus wept. And for the record… that was John 11:35.

      But you haven’t gotten the second part of the question. No… not a pale horse.


  3. deborahauer Says:

    The second part of the question…
    “Tom Mix wept.” – it comes at the end of the movie “Tombstone.”

  4. deborahauer Says:

    A few weeks ago I got a tiny bit of dialog stuck in my head…a man’s voice saying “I’m your huckleberry.” Asking friends and coworkers is a bit dangerous – first, you have to admit that you hear voices in your head – this is not confidence-inspiring.

    And then I caught “Tombstone” on TV. Mystery solved. Except for the question of why Val Kilmer took up temporary residence in my head.

    Other people get songs stuck…I get stuck on dialog. Since then, the movie has become a favorite – mostly to watch Kilmer.

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