Sequences of Interest

From yesterday’s analysis of the Bicket IHC course I’ve extracted several sequences of interest to inflict on my own students. I wanted a minimum amount of equipment movement in the building; mostly because I don’t have a staff of eager minions. If a ton of sandbags have to be moved… I’m the guy who has to do it.

Today in league we’ll play a simple standard course.

Not so Standard

A Brief Period Away

I went over a week without writing to my blog. This is the longest I’ve gone in several years of keeping this journal. I’ve had a hectic schedule of trialing and other obligations and I was getting behind on other real work.

And so I’ve sat down and caught up with my work; putting everything that isn’t the highest priority at the back of the list. Well, there you go. I guess my blog is kind of low on the list if I take a rational look at it all.

I returned from a Wisconsin having only a couple days at home and then went off to Medina Swarm to show my boy Kory at a USDAA trial. And I was supposed to go off to Oregon to attend a TDAA judges’ clinic. But circumstances conspired against me; and I wound up not taking the trip. As a consequence I’m caught up.

On Thursday morning I’m off to Boise, ID for a day of private lessons and a weekend seminar. I look forward to working with the gang up there.


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2 Responses to “Sequences of Interest”

  1. Erica Says:

    Your blog may be low on your list, but there are many of us waiting for your next posting with bated breath. I’m jealous of the folks in Boise 🙂

  2. Christine Stephansen Says:

    I wonder where you are when you don’t post. Bet you didn’t know you had such a following! Glad you are caught up.

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