Clicker Training Abstinence for the Un-neutered Dog

On a list I belong to someone posted an earnest question about when/at what age a dog should be neutered. She was immediately pounced on by a number of people who simply do not believe in neuter/spay. One person even suggested that “abstinence” is the correct and proper way to go.

I intend to be on top of this important and insightful new trend as a dog training topic. Even now I am working through an excruciatingly granular clicker-training regimen to convince a boy dog that he should back away from bitch; DO NOT GO THERE! If I can get this published before Susan Garret gets to it (and turns it into an industry)… then certainly I’ll be able to retire both my debt, and my body.

The clicker seems to be the clear instrument of choice. Or, should I go with a shock collar?

Thanks to Susan Mottice who provided the following link:

Wednesday Night Training

I slightly built off of the previous week’s set of the floor. My intention was mostly to give my students some work on the pinwheel. We also got a good workout with the tunnel/dogwalk discrimination at the back of the floor.

Also ~ With Kory

I have my ongoing training objectives with Kory dog. The thing that captures my most passionate interest at the moment is strengthening the power of verbal directions when my dog is coming towards me. Just as background… when at a distance moving forward or lateral his response to verbal directionals is nearly perfect. But, when coming towards me the directionals lose power. I’ll attempt to illustrate:

In this rather simple scenario I release him with a simple Jump! Left! Note that the “Left!” command is a precue; which means I’m telling him before he actually gets to jump #1 that I would like him to make the turn as he comes over.

Because he’s coming towards me the tire is drawn into his focus washing out the simple directive to turn.

The training protocol I’m working with is a simple back-chaining of my starting position. I use the usual simple tools of the dog trainer… he gets a good marker and a game of tug when he gets the mission; and pretty much nothing when he doesn’t get it.

If I expand the sequence I have two moments in which he’s coming towards me that demand a directional command. The first is the bit we’ve practice already, turning from jump #3 to #4. And the next is in the turn from jump #6 to #7.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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