Death Throes of the American Dream

I’m watching the political drama in Wisconsin as it unfolds. There is an important vote in the next 24 hours in the recall election of Scott Walker (and several of his criminal cronies).

This all began way back when the Republicans committed to their “Contract on America”. The movement began with stunning success. Newt Gingrich spat on the Great Society, and shat on the American Dream.

What happens in Wisconsin tomorrow is a test of whether democracy can survive against emerging fascism in America. There is huge outside money overmatching the local populist opposition at a ratio of 16:1. It’s a fire-sale on democracy.

I’m not terribly optimistic. The media assault of propaganda, misinformation, fabrication, hate mongering, and confusion has been terrific and unrelenting.

The pathetic toad of a human Rush Limbaugh is certainly the icon; but the entire Fox pretend-News machine has certainly been an important instrument in confusing and misleading those who are otherwise good people. In fooling these people… Limbagh, Fox, et al are also betraying them.

You know what is my favorite story of the Republican Fascist party? Down in Texas the Republican machine approved a plan to put a nuclear waste dump on land that is a part of the Ogallala Aquifer []. To allay the concerns of environmentalists Republican “experts” managed to redefine the boundaries of the Ogallala aquifer so that the waste dump is technically not sitting on it anymore. This is environmental gerrymandering. Very slick you fascist pricks.

Oh, by the way. When the radioactive waste gets into the aquifer, which it will, it will contaminate the drinking water/and crop irrigation for about one-third of continental America. And you know the fun part? The tax payer will get to pay for the clean-up (if it’s even possible), while the rich Republican scum-bag who owns the waste-dump bears no real responsibility.

Pardon my rant. I’m just so excited by what’s going on in Wisconsin in the next 24 hours, I had to vent. The Walker recall vote will be a measure of how many Americans own brains. Like I said… I’m not optimistic.


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5 Responses to “Death Throes of the American Dream”

  1. Christine Says:

    I like your blog much better when you stay away from politics, religion, and what’s the other one our parents told us to not talk about in social situations?

    • budhouston Says:

      Usually I publish my rants on weekends… when I have few readers.

      I understand your disappointment with me. My job is to be a bland one-dimensional figure without passion or awareness of the world that spins under my feet.

      To tell the truth my chief concern with the political world is as an environmentalist. We are in big, big trouble.

      Anyhow, I apologize for my cheep of alarm.


    • my3fundogs Says:

      There’s nothing wrong with Bud posting his opinion; his blog is not JUST about agility. I applaud any American that speaks up when politicians try and pul a fast one over on the AMerican public. In this era of “information”, too bad so much if it is controlled and manipulated by the monied few.
      Keep sharing Bud!

  2. thatzsatz Says:

    Excellent post, on my way to vote Walker OUT. I hate that my state has been bought and paid for and that the citizenry has been so duped . That’s now how it used to be.

    Thanks for speaking out,

    PK Shader

  3. heneverclaimedtobeagod Says:

    It’s not Democrats vs. Republicans, it’s politicians and their special interest overlords vs. common man. Both parties are increasingly passing legislation designed to benefit the few instead of the the majority. There is a theory which explains the insanity that is our government, see the following.

    And if you don’t think the problem exists in both parties, then why has neither party ever consistently supported term limits and campaign contribution reforms?


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