Next weekend I’ll be in Indianapolis for a USDAA trial, as an exhibitor. I’ve come up with a set of the floor for the week for my dailies. I’m mainly interested right now in getting a good review of the A-frame; but set for USDAA height for big dogs, 5’11ish”.

This is a bit of a course concept. It doesn’t really show how I’ll for the most part use the A-frame in training and sequencing bits. There are a couple bits in this longer sequence that interest me outside of working on a solid 2o2o.

In these representative sequences I’ll be working on controlled turns (to the A-frame) in the face of wrong course options.

This is a variation on the same theme. Significantly the angle of approach to the turning jump is more square and will challenge my ability to be in a handling position. Well, it won’t challenge my position much as I am comfortable working on both the teeter and the weave poles at a pretty good distance.

Reversing the direction of one of the previous sequences introduces another bit that has my interest… the 0° approach (to the #2 jump). There are of course several interesting handling approaches to solving this. I will likely practice using a Post & Tandem solution, and a Front Cross solution.

An Interesting Week

At the end of last week and over the weekend we had the Ohio 4-H Teen Dog Experience for their third annual outing here at our facility. They take advantage of our facility rate. That allows them, for the rental of the two cabins (into which they stuffed like a dozen kids and their leaders) to get the full run of the property, including the training building, the pond & field and so forth. We’re of course delighted to have them.

As it turns out on the last day we had a scheduling conflict. We had invited the exterminator to do his thing (we’re waging a battle against “bat bugs). Of course Ohio 4‑H had the cabins… and we were locked out of our own house until like 5:00 in the afternoon. So here is the ad hoc office I set up for Marsha and myself in our tractor building. All of the dogs got to hang out in the x-pen which you can barely see to the left.

We survived. No worries.

It’s been a bit of a work week for me. I weeded the parking lot and front drive. I built a shelf of brood boxes for the chicken coop. And I refinished the deck on the house (a 3/4 wrap-around deck, obtw).

Here’s a good before-and-after look at the deck as I refinished it. It looks sexy, doesn’t it? It’s an oil-based finish and will hold that umber color for a couple years, I imagine.

In my spare time… mind you we have three young, untrained dogs in our house. We’re just getting a handle on the training implications. I probably shouldn’t include Marsha’s pup Phoenix in the “untrained dogs” statement. She’s made an introduction to weave poles using two-by-twos and the boy’s performance is looking sweet. Not bad for a six-month-old dog.

Haymitch, our Chihuahua/something rescue boy, is probably a year and a half old. He’s just being introduced to agility training and the whole concept of the training relationship. I’m thinking he’s a very promising prospect. Note we’ve had a lot of rescue dogs over the years… and they are rarely promising.

Finally my young rescue (???) Django is getting a really basic puppy introduction to the two-minute dog trainer. He’s gotten most of his meals in a 2o2o on our contact trainer. And I’ve just begun working with him on a sit-stay. After only a couple days I can put him in a stay, walk away six paces, and return to him without him breaking position. I’ve just introduced a recall (at the end of the six paces)… because he really needs a lot of development of the recall foundation.

This Weekend

I’m off to judge a USDAA trial in Macedon, NY this weekend. Tomorrow I’ll have about an eight hour drive from here to there. I expect it will be a dreadfully hot weekend. But I confess to loving a good out-of-doors trial. It’s the way agility was meant to be played.

I am really looking forward to this. The courses for the weekend incorporate several interesting riddles that provide lots of opportunity for my continued education.

My Republican Heroes

Okay, this is a short list… but it grew today:

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Chief Justice John Roberts


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