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For about the last week I’ve been splitting my duties between being the Landscaping Department and the Data Processing Department. That means I have outside labors and inside work that keep me moving through the day.

We bought a new laptop, a really nice machine from HP. The difficulty of a new computer is always bringing it into production while the old one gets retired to join the boat anchor pile. You can imagine, everything from Clean Run Course Designer to all the Microsoft and Adobe products… to installing the printer and browser and security and email client. It’s an awesome bit of work.

The mistake I’ve made in the past is buying two computers at once, one for Marsha and one for me. We’ve decided to go to a leap-frog strategy. The new laptop belongs to her. I’ll get a new one maybe next year, being careful to stay backed up with my own data in the meantime.

The new computer runs a new operating system: Windows 7. Of course it’s completely different from Vista and makes some software incompatible. It never fails that the cost of bringing software up to spec is actually more expensive than the computer itself.

I’m inspired to post the following bit to Facebook. I’m really hoping it goes viral:

Adobe Systems You Fail!

I have been a faithful customer to Adobe Systems for something like 20 years. I use a variety of Adobe products. I’ve endured the fact that nearly always when MicroSoft makes an upgrade change to the Windows operating system Adobe products will require an upgrade to be compatible. I’ve accepted that the upgrade price is about as expensive as purchasing these products new.

Two days ago when I contacted Adobe to get an upgrade to Acrobat Pro (the old version is incompatible with the 64 bit Windows 7) … I was assisted by a service technician in India. He was astoundingly incompetent.

I tell you I’m getting completely fed up with companies who do business in America, take our money, value our loyalty, but want to pinch a penny by giving a job to a slave-labor barely-speaks-English clerk half-way around the world.

A word to you guys at Adobe ~ I’m an American. If you want my loyalty you will give me yours. You need to hire Americans to do business in America. I don’t want to talk to anybody in India when I’m dealing with your company.

I went right out and Googled up a Freeware program that does exactly the job that Acrobat Pro has always done for me (provides a virtual printer to create PDF documents). The more advanced features are of little interest to me.

I found a product called “Bullzip” available at http://www.bullzip.com/. It’s absolute freeware (though it would be a good touch if you left a donation for their programming efforts).

LIKE this post if you re tired of companies that do business in America but do not value American workers.


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  1. Marsha Nix Says:

    So you finally saw the light – you bought an HP. Remember how much you complained when you were using mine? I haven’t had any problems with software, but I’m not a geek like you!

    Have you noticed that when you get customer service people from foreign countries they all have names like ‘Larry” or “Susan”?

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