Blending Foundation Exercises

A very basic exercise I do with a young dog is the “exploding” line of jumps. The objective is to teach the dog a “Go On” directional. And for the young dog the exercise establishes an understanding of the game in which he has permission to work at a distance.

This begs the question, how do you teach the “Go On” directive to a dog that is not young (say a dog that is two years old, or older)?

We’ll back up a step to look at another related exercise, the progressive send. This is a simple dog training exercise. The handler begins close to the jump sending the dog, and moves back a few inches at a time. It’s very basic stuff, limited only by the size of your back yard.

What I would like to do is blend the progressive send with the exploding line of jumps.

Now the send is back-chained. The handler continues to gradually move back down the line, insinuating a new hurdle when he’s gained maybe 14′. When the line of jumps has reached four or five… then they can be exploded a few inches extra at a time.


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