The Fantastiks

Marsha and I went out this evening to watch The Fantastiks performed by the Mid Ohio Valley Players ( It was a fine performance and a lot of fun.


I’m getting ready for an agility workshop tomorrow. I believe I’ll work both Kory and Prim. I think I suggested the other day that I’d be putting up some tunnel/contact discrimination drills. But I also want to do a Helter Skelter. This is tonic for being cooped up all winter. A nice wide open jumping drill will be just the ticket.

There’s another long cruel month of winter to go. The Fantastiks had the seasons as a sub-plot, “Try to Remember”. These Eastern winters have always been tough on me. The world slowly and completely dies. And out of the depth of that negation the spring will arise. I’m anxious for it now.

Okay, tomorrow I promise a return to dog agility. I’m really looking forward to working with my friends and students. Everybody will be ready for the new year.

Blog933 – (Six days in a row! I know I cheated.)

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