Top Dog 2015

We have contracted with Bishop-Lyons Entertainment LLC to shoot a “sizzle” segment to promote a dog agility reality program. Bishop-Lyons will endeavor to sell the program concept in the mass media marketplace.


The program focuses on the Top Dog team. The captains of the Top Dog team work with their club in the training and development of a competitive squad. A dozen or more dogs and their handlers will vie for a spot on the team. The captains of the team may, or may not, have dogs on the team in competition.

On a weekly basis the featured team competes in the ongoing Top Dog league. And once monthly that team will go into the world to challenge the high scoring league team on their home field.

The television program is uniquely tied to a broader social network. Clubs around the country, and around the world, can field league teams which compete on the same weekly courses as the Top Dog team and compete against them. And all of them will be eligible for a top spot on the program.


We have identified a venue in Murietta California (near Temecula) for a Top Dog competition which will be used to shoot the sizzle segment.

The competition will be three rounds in a team format. We’re hoping for a lot of local interest to come out and play. Likely we will have to limit entry. At this competition we’ll introduce the Top Dog team.

At the same time, the course will be published as a challenge so that anyone in the world who wants to play these games and field a team in the Top Dog league can do so. All teams that compete on this premier weekend will become founding members of the world’s first semi-pro agility league.

Did I Say Semi-Pro?

Top Dog Agility will create a fund from recording fees to pay out to top performing teams in the league. This idea has some real possibilities. Dog agility is played around the world. We’ll welcome everyone to join the league.

At the same time, we will identify a robust curriculum of titles and meritorious awards for the earnest recreational player. This isn’t going to be about the top players in our sport only.


Top Dog Agility will ultimately be the property of any network that buys the production of the reality show. Consequently I’ll be purging and allowing to go dormant existing blogs and Facebook accounts related to Top Dog Agility Players. These will likely get a new start, under the direction of our partners at Bishop-Lyons.

I will publish information about the upcoming competition in Murietta California; how to register dogs and teams, and so forth, on this blog. Email me off-line if you need help getting started with us.

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