Getting Real

We’ve working to create a Reality Show based on the sport of dog agility. Bishop-Lyons Entertainment LLC has been contracted to create a “sizzle reel” for presentation to network executives.

To this end we have scheduled an agility competition:

  • February 7th 2015
  • Apex Dog Agility
    41610 Oak Trail Court,
    Murrieta, CA 92562
  • Out-of-doors, rain or shine

This is a team event (3 dogs & handlers) competing for top honors running three courses.

The Concept

The program will be based on the competition within a semi-pro agility league. And so we are building not just the “reality show” but the semi-pro agility league as well. A primary objective in this first competition will be to establish the league and the teams that make up the league.

The entry to the competition in Murrieta is limited. The event will be filled by the first entries that we receive. This is a production of Top Dog Agility Players. For the record, that name may change as it is unlikely to pass the “Trademark” test.

The entry fee is $20 and; entry is limited to dogs that are registered with Top Dog Agility Players. For this first competition we will waive the $10 dog registration fee. To make your entry simple:

  1. Download the dog registration form here:
  2. Send your $20 entry fee, and the completed form to Top Dog Agility, 14543 State Route 676, Waterford, OH 45786.
  3. On a separate piece of paper indicate what other handlers and dogs will make up your team (3 dogs and 3 handlers); or indicate if you’d like to be on a draw team.

You can download the working rules and regulations here:

The Agility Challenge League

The semi-pro agility league we are starting is not limited to southern California. Weekly competitions will be in a simul-match format. The only real expenses to participating clubs is the dog registration fee and very nominal recording fees.

If you would like to establish a club (one or more teams), get in touch:


Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston The web store is up and running. I have five volumes (over 100 pp each) of The Joker’s Notebook available on my web-store at an inexpensive price. These are lesson plans suitable for individual or group classes for teaching dog to work at a distance.


8 Responses to “Getting Real”

  1. Melissa Wallace Says:

    Man! I wish I could come play! I start my new job on the 26th of January. Otherwise I would totally be there.

  2. Melissa Wallace Says:

    I have several people here in the Fairbanks, Alaska area who would be interested in playing. Right now we do not have affordable access to a large barn. What arena dimensions are you looking at for the league?

    • budhouston Says:

      Do you want to influence the field size decision? To what size barn can you have access?

      • Melissa Wallace Says:

        Right now we have access to a building that is teacup size. Let me share this with a few friends and see what we can come up with. We will likely have a place next winter, but this winter we would have to rent a barn with equipment.

  3. tundrah Says:

    Can you explain the reasoning behind the jump heights? I’m guessing its to accommodate those who want to run their dog at a lower jump height (ie Preferred/Performance/etc), but what if we have a dog that measures down that we’d prefer to run at their “normal” height?

    • budhouston Says:

      A dog can always jump at a higher height than his measured height requires. The “self-elected” jump height exemptions are purely for titling purposes. Competitions (such as the one scheduled in Murietta in February) will not allow placement of dogs that are jumping lower than their measured height allows.

  4. Zynischer Says:

    Thought of you when I saw this:

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