The Riddle of Reflection

I wrote this maybe five years ago. Not much has changed. I must have been in an interesting mood!

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The Riddle of Reflection: Why is it that a mirror reverses everything left and right… but not up and down?

I should slow down to reflect from time to time on the question of validation. Validation in dog agility is the psychological pressure against the trainer and handler who will be measured by the dog’s ability in competition. Oh, and measured every time he takes the floor for a turn at the most simple and modest of sequencing drills in classes. Your dog is a direct reflection of your skill as a dog trainer. He is the litmus of your worth. He is your validation. Isn’t that true? Aren’t you the sum total of your dog’s drive and skill in the sport of dog agility?

Ours is a young sport. And yet already most essential riddles are dictates of rote textbook formula.

I don’t actually believe that a person…

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