A Diversion


I have a bunch of work to do today. But I’ve decided to waste a bit of time on a diversion. I dreamt of a jumpers course last night and had to get up this morning to sketch it out.

Have a good day today Buckeye fans.


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7 Responses to “A Diversion”

  1. ellen epstein Says:

    Very cool!

  2. Chuck Says:

    Love it, don’t know if I’ve got the stamina, but love to try!

  3. Linda M Stutz Says:

    I’ll bet Zeke could run it; he’d probably lose his dog, though!

  4. suitebevy Says:

    Love the “Script Ohio” jumpers course. I would have used a wrap on a jump to turn them back around instead of a tunnel they have to turn around and go back through. Then I would have used a tunnel for some of the curves instead. Just me, though. I know some people teach their dogs an “again” command for gambler’s purposes of having the dog turn right back around and do the same obstacle again, but I never have. I don’t trust myself not to train a back-jump in the process of training an “again”. Just my thoughts, but very nice!

    • budhouston Says:

      I was following a cartesian design grid used by the OSU marching band for their cursive “Ohio”. The devices I used to create dog’s path were used to be true to the OSU marching band design.

  5. suitebevy Says:

    Ah. Got it.

  6. Ellen Schrader Says:

    Thank you, Bud! I loved seeing the Ohio script, just as the OSU marching band does it. I have fond childhood memories of seeing the band march onto the field and spell out Ohio – then the wonderful strutting of the drum major to dot the ‘eye’! From your fellow buckeye, Ellen Schrader

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