Winter Chat

I had a long conversation with Stephen Lewis yesterday. Old timers may remember he’s the guy who produced the USDAA Grand Prix videos early in this century. We chatted about collaborating on a publication that makes use of text and pictures with links to external video/digital recording. Okay, it’s not smashing new technology. The idea is to support courses we use in League Play with training publication.

It’s more than likely that many of the clubs that participate in the National Dog Agility League will do so alongside their training classes. That’s practical. So, wouldn’t it be fun to have a training pub that anticipates training objectives on the set of equipment?

Right now I’m busy planning for an upcoming series of classes here. The series is called “Intensity Agility”. It should be a lot of fun for me. We set high standards, make homework for everyone; and we do a lot of drill and practice.

We’ll begin with the NDAL/Top Dog March course. I’ll share my preparation for that class here… if you’ll wait just a few days.

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