Are you kidding me?

We woke this morning to about a foot of new-fallen snow from the Thor weather system.


Along about 2:00 pm our power winked out. So I determined to start up the generator. There was no gas for the generator because clever me likes to run all of our garden equipment out of gas by the end of the season (because, as everyone knows, gas goes bad if it just sits there for six months). So I rolled the Ford into town… which is about 8 miles. The roads were on Level 2 snow emergency status; which means you’re allowed to be out there on the roads if you aren’t particularly gifted with common sense. That’s me, for sure.

By the time I got back, our electric was working again. So about the only thing I really accomplished is buying a small over-priced bag of gummy bears and 4 suet cakes for the wild birds. Oh… and I have about 8 gallons of gas to begin the year.

The weather reports say that the temp will be up in the 50’s within about four days. 50 degrees is downright balmy and will melt all the snow and ice. That means there will be floods and there will be mud.

March is always an interesting month.

Out Like a Lamb

My spring-time chores make for quite a list. I’m looking forward to getting outside and doing some work! I have a major case of cabin fever. I’ve got to: start my seeds indoors; repair the lawn/turf; paint and reassemble the pond raft; turn the garden; box-grade the entry road; spring clean the tractor shed; repair the barn roof at the upper cabin; cut the brush intruding on the dam road; clean up the roto-tiller; clean up the training building; set agility equipment aside for repair and painting. And none of it particularly in that order.

What will be in the garden this year? We had a great crop of tomatoes last year. I definitely want to do that again. We just added the last package to Marsha’s yummy chili. I might not do Jalapenos this year because I still have like 3 or 4 half-quart bottles (and trust me, I use them in everything). I did put up however some of those hot little red peppers like you’ll get in a Chinese restaurant. I’m thinking I could make some killer hot sauce. Oh… and I want potatoes. I’m brewing a pecker-wood scheme; I have this old bath tub, you see, and I’m going to put about 6″ of peat on the bottom and crowd in a layer of starter potatoes. I’ll put the tub on a downhill slant so that it drains promptly. As the plants come up I’ll continue to shove peat and soil around the emerging tubers. I’m curious to see how high I can build it before they start blooming. I’m betting I can make about 100 lbs in a bath tub. I’m also going to grow 2 or 3 varieties of squash this year. I’m not a huge squash fan; but Marsha wants them and I’m thinking it’ll be easier to get her to help me keep the weeds hoed down. I’m looking forward to my garlic crop this year too. Got them in on Columbus day. I’ll take them out on the 4th of July. That’s the way it’s done. Part of the problem with a garden is keeping the dogs out of it. Most of my dogs would be keen to help harvest tomatoes.


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