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A person named Cheryl Matthews left a nice comment on the Glossary of Agility Terms that I keep as a page on this blog. In her comment she mentions a thing called an “Inverted Pinwheel”. Apparently this is something they’re teaching AKC judges in preparation for the up and coming Premier class. Like the USDAA’s Masters Challenge class, the Premier will put up wickedly difficult European-style challenges.

At any rate, the blog comment spurred me to email for clarification; what the heck is an “Inverted Pinwheel”? Cheryl kindly drew pictures which I’m happy to share with you:



This probably isn’t a rigid definition of the inverted pinwheel, but a demonstration of the design concept. #7 is a backside; followed by a pull/push through to #8. The transition to jump #9 is complicated by a choice of turning direction. And the approach to jump #10 is another pull-through. Pretty wicked eh?

I think we’re looking at a whole new generation of training science, both for the dog and for the handler.


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4 Responses to “Premier Premier”

  1. Sharon Lafuse Says:

    Hi Bud,
    I built this in my basement and ran Garnette through it. It is tricky but very doable.

  2. James D Porterfield Says:

    I’m glad you’re still trying to maintain a glossary of agility terms.

  3. Sharon Lafuse Says:

    I did have to make a few adjustments to get it to fit…I only used 6 weave poles, wingless jumps, and tighter spacing of jumps.
    Here is link to video taken this morning…It did take several tries to get the timing down.

    WMV version:

    MP4 version:

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