Rolling Up My Sleeves

Lordy I have a bunch of work to do! I’m a bit behind on TDAA course review (I promise to catch up over the next couple of days). And, I’m embroiled in the start-up of the National Dog Agility League (NDAL). Right now there are results coming in from our March league… and I am the designated event secretary. So, I’m compiling results for posting.

The Top Dog blog this morning was a discussion of getting our judges trained: I approach the mission of this training with a touch of humor and compassion. There is certainly some work to do.

You know, I was thinking, I’d love to go into the world and help clubs get going with league play. We could introduce a lot of games and attend to judges training and certification (??) at the same time. I could do this on a very inexpensive basis (my wife is gonna yell when she reads this). Anyway, if you’re interested, get in touch. I’ll have the calendar on my desk. Will travel.


I made a list yesterday of all the yard work, property and facility chores that I have to do. This threw me into a fitful bout of procrastination that surely was at odds with the work I need to do.


I’ve watched the Lincoln movie (starring Daniel Day Lewis) several times now. I’m amazed at the intellectual content of the film. In a time when movies seem to be dedicated to low-brow short attention span tripe, it is fun to find a movie that inspires one to think.

The movie Lincoln revolves around his short discussion of Euclid’s first common notion: Things that are equal to the same thing are equal to each other. The 13th Amendment would ultimately lead to all people in this country being treated with the same rules of equality and justice. This is a notion that is still tested today in issues of gender equality and the rights of the LGBT community.

Lincoln was a man of extraordinary vision.

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