May 2016 NDAL 50×50 International League Standings

The 50×50 “A” league has hit the century mark… we now have 100 dogs competing it this tough and competitive league. In May we played a game called Pole Jacks which is metaphorically like the children’s game of jacks. Sit, Stay, ‘N Play in Stroudsburg, PA has taken over the lead, with Team Canada in hot pursuit.

The Top Dog in the May 50×50 International league was Fiona, a Border Collie run by Laurie Bowen, who plays for Sit, Stay, ‘N Play. Fiona scored the maximum 7 points in 47.62 seconds. No video is avilable

You can find league results here:

May 2016 NDAL 50×50 International League Standings

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