NDAL August 50×70 Training Notes

What you make of your own training sessions with any set of the floor probably has a lot to do with your own objectives and assuredly the goals and objectives of your students. Be warned that the following discussion has more to do with my own quick assessment of training opportunity, rather than anything for the average player in our sport.

The 50×70 is a wide open ripper, maybe about as challenging as a NADAC course. And so our training sets won’t necessarily be focused on how to solve for the technical challenge. Being something of a racetrack, our training objectives might be to work on distance foundation and fundamentals to which this course lends itself very nicely.

We’ll begin with a Progressive sending exercise:

In the same training session we will also do a bit of work on “layering”. Note that we begin to use compound objectives in our training (progressive send, left & right directionals, layering and named obstacle recognition):

September NDAL League Courses

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  1. Melissa Wallace Says:

    Bud, with the two-minute trainer idea, how many sessions are you doing a day?

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