Distance Training at Clermont

For the up and coming distance training seminar at Clermont County (Milford, OH) I have already specified a bit of homework. I’m recognizing that the homework is to an extent overwhelming.

The curriculum for distance training is a simple matter, really. The dog’s trainer has specific objectives and is armed with exercises and protocols to achieve those objectives. Then it’s a simple matter of putting together a daily training regimen that develops those skills in a modest and progressive structured training program.

To facilitate ongoing training with my own dogs I use the “set of the floor” in my own training center to find training and proofing exercises to further the skills of my own dogs. With this in mind we’ve set up the April 2007 NDAL Masters course to find suitable distance training exercises for our dogs.


As luck would have it… the NDAL course for April is a game that rewards bonuses to the dog for several distance challenges.

For the next several days I will find exercises in this set of the floor that suitable for a distance training program. These might emphasize skills used in the NDAL game; or might be totally unrelated to the game but serve our objective to teach the dog great distance skills.

Lateral Distance on the A-frame


This is a simple exercise, really. We want the dog to finish the performance of the A‑frame with the handler working at a progressive lateral distance. This training is complicated by the dismount protocol used by the handler. The handler might want a “running contact”… or, as in our case, the handler might want a 2o2o unambiguous finish to the A-frame.

This is a slightly advanced study because the handler is seeking not only a clear 2o2o until released, but the handler is working to continue in motion while the dog assumes the unambiguous finish position.

The training steps have been recorded here:

This recording features our red-headed crazy boy, Phoenix… who really needs this work.

I’ll have more for you, tomorrow.

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