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Death of Democracy

January 6, 2018

Nazis are taking over my country. The threat is personified by the contemptable and ignorant man who is President. He is a criminal and a traitor. Indeed, the entire Republican party has been transformed into a coalition of cowards, deceivers and traitors.

My more optimistic friends think that the democracy will ultimately save us, as though we can throw off this embarrassment, this abomination. You know what I’m talking about, the “tidal wave” of resistance that will up swell in the 2018 elections.

It’s a fool’s dream. This President has destroyed the State Department, he attacks and casts aspersions on the fifth estate, and he is tearing apart the Justice Department; replacing Federal attorneys general with corrupt persons who will do his bidding. He’s working to discredit and make ineffective the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Follow along with me here. I’m guessing that in the next week or two the president will succeed in firing the US Attorney General and replace him with a sycophant who will gut the FBI and do away with the bothersome investigations into Trump’s criminal activities and his treason.

In the next year look for legislation that will be named something false and misleading like “The Voting Freedom Act,” by which the Republican party will replace all of the voting systems in the U.S. with a centralized and computerized vote tallying system which will allow that party to ensure the outcome of every American election. This will follow a model used in Putin’s Russia.

I am distressed and clearly pessimistic about our prospects. The Republican House and Senate have pretty much gone all in with the idea of overthrowing our democracy and establishing a fascist government.

There’s not much left to protect us.

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