54X70 Charitable ~ November 2018

Our mission is to donate to non-profit organizations that provide relief from disasters that arise from a changing global climate.

To that end, all income from recording fees go to charitable donation. Of special interest are organizations aiding people, domestic and farm animals, and wildlife that are affected by flooding, fires, hurricanes and rising sea levels.

You can review the Charitable league rules and stipulations here:  http://wp.me/P75niR-zD

54X70 Charitable ~ November 2018

The 54X70 Charitable League is dedicated to a variety of agility games. You can download the scorekeeping worksheet here:

If you already registered with the NDAL, the League Secretary wil be happy to provide you with the scorekeeping worksheet set up with your existing roster. The 55×70 Charitable league for November 2018 features the game Jumplers Looper.

Jumplers Looper


This is a combination of two… or maybe even three agility games.

A Looper is a numbered course or sequence that must be performed twice by the dog, without stopping.

Jumplers is a made-up word for Jumpers course with a Gamblers challenge; ergo “Jumplers”.

On this course the dog will earn 5 bonus points on each pass if handler remains in the boxed area; The dog will earn an additional 10 bonus points on each pass if the handler remains in only one side of the boxed area. [Each pass is scored independently]. Consequently 30 bonus points are possible.

The dog may earn only 5 bonus points on one pass; but the full 15 bonus points on the other; or zero in one pass, and 5 or 15 in the other. The handler may switch side between passes (changing sides in the transition from jump #10 back to jump #1) and be eligible for the 15 point bonus.


Jumplers Looper is scored Time, Plus Faults, Less Bonus.

There is no established course time.

Historical Games and Courses

Previous 54×70 Charitable league games and courses are closed to league scores. HOWEVER, these are all open to any club or individual that would like to play. Your scores will be added to the original scores and ALL recording fees will be paid to the 54×70 charities.

54X70 Charitable ~ October 2018

The 55×70 Charitable league featured the game Beginners Quidditch. You can download the scorekeeping worksheet here:

If you already registered with the NDAL, the League Secretary will be happy to provide you with the scorekeeping worksheet set up with your existing roster.

Beginners Quidditch

Hairy Pawter’s Quidditch is the invention of Becky Dean and Jean MacKenzie. The game was played for the first time at Dogwood Training Center in Ostrander, Ohio (circa 2002). The Beginner variation is the invention of our Game Master for play in the NDAL.


The objective of Quidditch is to perform three sequences. The black-circles begin play, and the second two in any order. The handler will attempt to earn a bonus (the Beater) after each:

  • White circles – 15 points; as numbered.
  • Black circles – 20 points; as numbered
  • Green squares – 25 points, sequence and all obstacles are bi-directional; and a wrong course shall not be faulted in this sequence.

When the time expires the dog should be directed to the table to stop time.

If a sequence is faulted you can immediately reattempt the same sequence or move to another sequence.

The Beater

Upon the successful completion of a sequence the team dog can earn 5 bonus points for the Beater (tire). A refusal on the Beater will negate the bonus.

After the Beater, the dog should attempt another sequence. Faulting the Beater does not fault the prior sequence.

The Bludgers Rule

A Bludger is a wrong-course obstacle.

  1. A Bludger performed during the performance of a sequence results in a sequence fault; (except for the green square sequence).
  2. A Bludger performed after a sequence on the way to the Beater shall fault the Beater.
  3. A Bludger shall not be faulted; 1) between the start line and the first obstacle of an individual sequence; 2) between the Beater and the first obstacle of a numbered sequence; 3) between the Beater and the table (to stop time)

The Golden Snitch

A 5-point Golden Snitch bonus is earned if the dog earns all three Beater bonuses.


Quidditch is scored Points, then Time. Time is a tiebreaker only.

There is no established course time in Beginner Quidditch.

Game Master Note

We haven’t before played such a complicated game in NDAL league play. This variation represents a simplification of the more robust version that is played in the TDAA.

It’s worth noting that the simplified RULES are for beginners to the game… while the technical sequences might be somewhat advanced.

There will likely be scoring dramas between league teams as this game is introduced. So the first month of the NDAL’s Charitable 54×70 should be approached with some humor. Remember that the income is going to a good cause. And be mindful of Rule #8, which you can find in our rule book:


An Open Invitation for New League Franchises

New clubs are always welcome to join ongoing play. Our leagues are organized by the size of the competition space and the complexity of challenge. Contact our league secretary if you are interested in playing your favorite sport in the NDAL: Bud Houston Houston.Bud@gmail.com.


Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston Houston.Bud@gmail.com. Visit our web store: www.dogagility.org/newstore. You’ll find in the web store The Book of Agility Games, a comprehensive reference to all manner of agility games played for competition and fun around the world.


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