Humpty Dumpty

Democracy is an expression of belief systems. Vladimir Putin’s attack on America relies on the principle that the human brain is mushy and malleable. Man will adopt as a closely held truth a suggestion that is repeated over and over in his sight and in his hearing. It doesn’t matter that the suggestion is completely ridiculous.

In our own history, in the last 100 years, we see plenty of evidence that the technology of mass communication will shape the belief systems that become the rudder of the ship of state. JFK had television. FDR had radio. We got into the Spanish American war on account of newspaper propaganda. Walter Lippmann (Public Opinion 1922) describes a massive program of millions of posters that helped convince Americans that we should fight in World War I.

To say that mass telecom “sways” the belief systems of the electorate is inadequate. Mass telecom creates the belief systems of the electorate.

Social Media is Mass Media on steroids.

Putin the Wicked Magician of Social Media

Vladimir Putin was terrified of the prospect of Hillary Clinton becoming President. She would have kicked his butt. She was his incentive, his passion, his target.

In 2016 a thousand Russian agents worked full time spinning a divisive attack on America using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube (and other stuff). Our social media was flooded with millions of crafty messages intended to shape the mush of our malleable brains. It worked like a charm.

Hillary Clinton was assassinated by a campaign of misinformation, and Putin got his boy elected in the United States. Donald Trump is President of the United States, and the greatest disaster that has afflicted us since the Civil War.

Putin had help in America.

Go to the Facebook page of a pro-trump friend or family member. You who I mean. Flip back to 2016 and you will see them sharing hundreds of completely ridiculous posts that were authored by some guy in Romania or Moscow. And so, by extension, they become tertiary agents of Putin.

Like any virulent disease the conditions were perfect for Putin’s attack. The FOX Network has worked hard to put lipstick on this pig from the very beginning. FOX is the propaganda network. They rely on fundamentally that their viewers never fact check a thing, and probably don’t know how.

Trump lies with flair and indifference to fact-checking. The lie has been elevated to Olympic heights. The godlike lie is truly Trumpian.

It is stunning how much damage Trump has done to everyone in this country in the lower 99% of income. Our news media reports on what he does. But simple reporting of what Trump does on a daily basis is deflected as “fake news”.

The Republican party is owned by big industry. The rich and greedy are busy feasting on the carcass of the once mighty American middle class. Trump is their useful idiot. While the Republicans despise him, they aren’t going to rock the boat sailing them to glory land.

Elections Have Consequences

In a world gone crazy the American election in 2020 shall be the big test… don’t you think?

My interest in politics has always been about the environment and, fundamentally, our ability to sustain life on this planet. We are at a point in time that we need really smart people shaping our policy. America might have been the leader, promoting methods and policy that could save the planet.

But instead… we got Trump.

Trump in the next week intends to fire all of the scientists that work for the USDA.  This is perhaps the most significant science agency in the world. He’s firing them because disclosure of science creates bad political optics for his actions, and contradicts his lies.

Count on FOX to tell Trump voters what to think of this crime. And they’ll believe every word FOX tells them to believe. They always do.

We must stop focusing only on the environmental disasters that are sitting on our heads, like global warming. There are a dozen more disasters of greater magnitude getting ready to afflict us… acidification of the oceans; degradation of the earth’s skin/topsoil; depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer; the imminent extinction of four million species. The list goes on.

Humpty Dumpty is in big trouble. And I don’t know if we can put him back together again.


“For the most part we do not first see, and then define, we define first and then see. In the great blooming, buzzing confusion of the outer world we pick out what our culture has already defined for us, and we tend to perceive that which we have picked out in the form stereotyped for us by our culture.”

― Walter Lippmann, Public Opinion


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