Social Distancing ~ Lesson Plan #3 ~ The Back Pass

This is a lesson plan that requires not much space and no agility equipment, and yet will allow you to teach your dog a valuable skill.

This is the Back Pass.


Teaching the Back Pass

I have tried here to arrange below recordings I have done while teaching the Back Pass to my dogs. These should that demonstrate the simple praise and reward methodology. I refrain, as much as possible from editing out small failures because, in real life, small failures are a part of the training adventure.

I’m hoping that you will appreciate pictures, and I will spare you the theory and lecture.






Prim Back Pass:




Back Pass in Competition; squaring to the weave poles:






Plans for Tomorrow

I’m going to write a lesson plan for the April 60×90 Masters game. It’s a “distance” game, which means that dogs with powerful independent performance skills will have advantage.

You should know that the National Dog Agility League has pretty much come to a complete stop… just like most of the civilized world. We are in the midst of a dreadful pandemic, a nasty and too deadly virus.

But “shelter in place” pretty much suits me. And I will continue to run the league courses.

The April 2020 National Dog Agility League games and courses have been published here:


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