Making a Small Difference

I woke up this morning determined to make some small difference as our country and the world suffers the ravages of the COVID19 pandemic.

I’ve heard it said before that if one person dies, it is a tragedy. But when a million die, it’s a statistic. I hate that idea and reject it down to my soul.

The horrible thing about this virus is the terrible end that it brings to people. A sick and dying person is surrounded by people in masks, and as they endure their last wrenching painful bit of life, they cannot be near the people they love, cannot feel their touch or hug or kiss. They die lonely and abandoned in a nightmarish world.

Compound this tragedy with an economy that has collapsed. We now have millions of people who suffer and despair because their jobs have gone away and there aren’t prospects for new jobs. People are going to starve.

Each year I have set aside a month of income from the National Dog Agility League for some terrible humanitarian disaster in the world. A couple years ago it was the flooding in Houston. Last year was the ravaging of Bermuda by hurricane Dorian.

Today the NDAL has come to a complete stop which is a fair reflection of an economy that has come to a stop. Anyone with a shred of common sense is staying hunkered down and will rarely go out in the world… and wear masks and gloves when they do. At any rate, there is no mad money from the NDAL for charitable causes.



The Garden League

I propose a “Garden League”, an agility competition that anyone in the world can play so long as they have a small yard (garden) and a bit of agility equipment. We’ll play some fun games, and a new one every week.

And from this I hope to raise a bit of money. I intend to donate 20% of income from recording fees and dog registrations to Chef Jose Andres World Kitchen.

The first game has been published here: The Garden League

Collecting individual results is going to be a boatload of work. Maybe we’ll manage only three or four full teams (you’ll have to read the Rules and Stipulations to understand what constitutes a Team.


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