What I really want to see in the upcoming election is a sweeping Democratic victory in both the executive and legislative branches. And my principal motive is… revenge.

I want revenge on Putin who is the real architect of the festering politics of hate and division that have overtaken our country. Mind you, Putin has been clever and focused in a simple science…


… and Putin has subjected America to a steady diet of fatty bile. Much to his delight, Putin has found that there are a lot of Americans who will eat just about anything. You can bet that QAnon is Putin’s invention in whole cloth. You know QAnon, right? They promote the idea the elements of our government and democracy that protect us and serve us are filled with “deep state” Trump-haters; that democrats are child slaver pedophiles and cannibals.

I won’t say that all or even most Republicans subscribe to QAnon philosophy. But this is the foundation of the new Republican party. There are about three million QAnon members now, in America. And two Republican house seats have gone to these little monsters.

The thing about my Republican friends and family… I know them and feel affection and friendship for many of them. They are good and decent people, they are Christians. They love their families and take good care their dogs! But, they have been fooled. “You are what you eat!” And they have been subjected to a steady diet of hateful ridiculous crap, courtesy of platforms like Facebook. My Republican friends and relatives eat it all up down to the last greasy crumb. And then they share it and spawn it off into the ether to poison everyone else in their new tribe… consequently becoming a part of Putin’s army of fools.

I recall in 2016 seeing all the crap that was rolling out of Facebook. I remember thinking “Jesus Christ! Who is making all this stuff?”  As it turns out, it was all made by Putin’s propaganda factories. And he shoved it all down our throats, and that became the diet for anyone who would eat it.

You can tell people who have been poisoned by Putin. They use expressions like “Fake News” and “Deep State!”  They say ridiculous things like “Build The Wall” and “Lock Her Up!”

TODAY the assault continues. 90% of the crap that is shared by every Republican I know is produced by an enemy of the United States for the express purpose of poisoning our minds and sewing hate and division in our society. I trace back many of these “shared” posts to where they started… to find the presumptive authors. I half expect to find teams of clever smart Republicans (which we must recognize is an oxymoron). I expect to find factories, complete with art departments and creative staff. But it’s usually just one guy or woman who churns out a constant stream of fairly ridiculous stuff. There’s NO WAY that they can be doing this production, which suggests that Putin has evolved his distribution methods to create surrogate spawn points (like pussy little boils) to continue spreading this disease on America.

I want the Dems to win the election in sweeping fashion. I want for Putin exactly what he wants for America. I want Putin to eat shit and die. A Democratic America will sanction Russia back to the 19th Century and take down this clown.

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