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League Course & Training Sets Nov 9 2020

November 9, 2020

The floor is set for the November 2020 NDAL 60×90 Masters course. Note that the placment of the camera is dictated on the course map. This vantage does not provide a good view of the A-frame down contact.

You may, if you like, practice elements of the course before the official running. It is a better idea to run the course before exhausting the dog on training sequences. Some dogs take repetition as correction.

On the following pages are several training sequence that have little to do with the Masters course, but promise to give you practice in a well-rounded repertoire of agility skills.

Coaching by Video Review

Kindly record and upload your running of this course and each of the training sequences. Share with me the urls. And I will give you back a no nonsense review and analysis.

White Numbers

In the approach to the A-frame the handler will want dog-on-left. Starting with the dog on the left is problematic. If the dog outraces the handler through jump #2 then turning to square up for the A-frame will be a puzzle.

After jump #5 the dog enters a cluster of wrong course possibilities. The handler might solve with a simple Post.

On the dog’s dismount of the #6 pipe tunnel the handler will want to change sides to the dog. Save the rotation of the Cross for the dog’s dismount. Good movement is wasted on a dog in the tunnel.

Black Numbers

This sequence opens with a serpentine. It is the nature of a serpentine that the handler will have to change sides to the dog. There are a variety of ways to accomplish these changes.

On the dismount of the #7 pipe tunnel the handler will likely need to Cross, putting dog-on-left for the final two hurdles.

White Numbers

The opening features an interesting serpentine, with a hard-aback turn after jump #3 back to the A-frame. Consider running this in two different ways: 1) Front Cross after jump #2; and 2) Keep dog-on-right for the first three hurdles and cross behind the dog on the landing side of jump #3.

The #6 pipe tunnel is blind approach. Consider two different ways: 2) run out into a Front Cross; and 2) Send the dog ahead to work after the dismount of the A-frame.

Black Numbers

This sequence is designed to be Fast & Fun, a nicely flowing thing spoilt only by the weave poles at the end. Note that the #3 pipe tunnel is bi-directional. If you want to test your command of the sequence, consider running it to purposefully get the dog in one side, and then into the other.

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