Wrapping Transitions

Wrapping Transitions ~ This is a simple conditioning exercise intended to teach and practice a transitional “wrap”, from a pipe tunnel onto the dogwalk; and from the dogwalk, into a pipe tunnel.

In this exercise the handler is expected to work from the side of the jumps away from the dogwalk. When first teaching a dog these skills the handler might begin by working closer, and then gradually move back until working exclusively on the other side of the jumps.

If you are very confident in your directional commands, “Left” and “Right”, these commands should neatly solve the riddle of the exercise.

Directional commands should be supplemented by strong handler movements (albeit, from a distance). In the transition from the dogwalk to the #4 pipe tunnel the handler should show technical tandem movement. The technical tandem was introduced in Module #16; and reviewed with more complexity in Module #29.

Mirror Image

This exercise was designed so that it can be mirrored to practice the transitions using Left turns.

Generously reward your dog when he gets it right.


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