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Alphabet Drills

August 11, 2011

For awhile I’m going to work through the Alphabet Drills designed by Nancy Gyes. Being an orderly person, I’ll just start at “A” and work my way through. While this practice furthers my own training goals with my boy Kory, I tend to inflict what I’m working with on my own students in equal measure.

We used the Tin Cup training format. In this format we approach each sequence like a game of golf. I documented the rules for that format here:

We wound up running 8 sequences. I know that 9 would have been more poetic. But we just ran out of time. I mostly went through this feeling invincible making one hole-in-one after another… and then I got to exercise #16:

Note that I added the two double-bar hurdles to the exercise. Nancy’s original uses all single-bar jumps. I include them because we’ve seen so many badly presented spread hurdles in AKC play lately that I want to make sure to include them in our practice.

Anyhow, I picked up two strokes on this sequence; having otherwise played a perfect game in the other 7 holes.

The letter “A” Alphabet Drill originally appeared in The Clean Run Magazine in February of 2005. Monica is sending me a copy of the compilation workbook (it’s in the mail) which includes a CD with all of the drills in .agl format. You really should get your copy to follow along with me as I work through these drills.

I know I have a thousand of my own exercises. You should know that I make it a point to run courses that I didn’t design, and practice exercises that I did not conceive. It’s a funny psychological thing; I tend to design to my own strengths and my own warped perspective of the world. It’s very important for me to experience the warpage of other agility designers; because that’s what you get in the real world.

The Alphabet Drills are the copyright of Nancy Gyes.


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