Get Paid for Reading My BLOG!

I know that you’re fascinated by web-log discussions of the agility world. Wouldn’t it be absolutely lovely to get paid for reading them? I’ll tell you the truth, I think I’ve figured out how you can make money while you explore every interesting thing I’ve had to say over the past few years.

I had this figured in the very early days of the Clean Run magazine when it was a stapled-together Xerographic thing that I mailed out to dog agility training instructors around the country (I had something like 80 subscribers in the first year). In those days I was a technical writer / job-shopper. That means I worked on a consultation and project basis. I might work at one place for four months or for more than a year. When the project was done, I’d move on to the next. Clearly I’ve never been frantic about “losing my job” because that was all a part of the process. I’d just go across the street and start the next job. Anyhow… I drift.

One of the jobs I had while publishing Clean Run magazine was at Intel. I’d get there in the morning, and write my entire training plan for the week. Paste it up and make a master copy on the Intel Xerox. Later I’d have it taken down to Staples to make the distribution copies; then staple them all up and get them in the mail.

You see don’t you? I wrote the magazine while I was at work. That means I was getting paid a professional salary for doing it.

Get paid for reading my blog

Read my blog while you are at work… and get paid a professional salary!

Bud Houston

PS In case you are wondering. Even with my adventuring into doing some of my work on “company time” I still managed to casually outwork any other technical writer that was ever in the pool. My supervisors would tell me things like “you are a machine!” Yep, that’s right. I was then and still am a master at visualizing the scope of the work; writing a killer comprehensive content plan; and getting the work done. These are rare traits and highly valued by any enterprise that wants to get the work done!

7 Responses to “Get Paid for Reading My BLOG!”

  1. larsj Says:

    Thanks for the laugh. You’re better than Dilbert.

  2. Maggie Says:

    Hahaha. Oh wait.. I just got paid for reading this! 🙂

  3. Theresa Litourneau Says:

    As I work for myself….
    Time to give myself a raise for reading something I can learn from to improve my job !!!

  4. Linda Knowles Says:

    OMG! Bud, you are so funny! I wasn’t feeling very good but you made my day! Going to a TDAA show tomorrow. I’ll send you photos of my 15 year old JRT loving TDAA! I know when we teamed together at USDAA Nationals one year it was either MacDuff boy or Maddy but Mac boy was 15 in August. Have a great rest of the day and weekend!

    • budhouston Says:

      It was MacDuff in Ohio in ’96. Right? Yah, both of my old boys Bogie and Birdie are about the same age now. The mind is willing, but the body won’t quite keep up.

      Hey! Have fun playing in the TDAA. It’s a hoot!

      I look forward to seeing pictures of MacDuff.


  5. Debbie schwing Says:

    Wait it is not true! 🐩😱😜😪

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