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Agility en España

December 20, 2014

I’m continuing this series of “around the world” agility. The present focus is obviously what’s going on in Europe. I hope to add other exotic regions to the mix.

Following is a jumpers course by Dimonis Bascara of Spain played on December 14, 2014.


For all my pontificating about how they don’t much reuse obstacles in Europe… I’ve got this course with five repeated obstacles. But I like the course and the full extension flow that it provides.

Probably the most technical bit is the pull/push through from jump #16 to the weave poles. The dog needs to pass up two perfectly good tunnel wrong-course options to get into the poles. I’m sure it was a stellar moment on this course!

Top Dog

After several years of trying to get Top Dog Agility up and running as a purely grass roots endeavor I’ve given up … on that approach. I’ve known for a long time that “inexpensive” and “recreational” aren’t completely compelling in a world that is run on profit and ego.

Where we are going now is Top Secret! It will be a fun ride.

Blog963 6-of-100

Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston The web store is up and running. I have five volumes (over 100 pp each) of The Joker’s Notebook available on my web-store at an inexpensive price. These are lesson plans suitable for individual or group classes for teaching dog to work at a distance.