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Getting Real

February 10, 2015

On February 7th and 8th 2015 a relatively small field of agility enthusiasts gathered to create the beginnings of a “reality show” for television based on the sport of dog agility. The basic premise of the show … we will follow the coaching and preparation of the “Top Dog Team” who will compete on a regular basis on courses that are published as a challenge to the entire agility world. This means, for example, that an agility club in Australia, or South Africa, or Pennsylvania can host one or more teams who will run that same course and report their scores for the express purpose of competing against the team on the Top Dog show.

It’s really an interesting concept, if you think about it. We can use social networking tools and modern technologies to bring the world together to play our favorite game and roll all of the scores up into a single event record.


Our coach and the chief talent for the show will be Nancy Gyes. Nancy attended the competition with a team of world class players. “World class” is my word choice, thoughtful and accurate, IMHO. Nancy’s team were all very nice people, and delightful to work with over the weekend.

When I was doing my green-screen interview, Lane (the director) asked me what I thought of Nancy. I told her that Nancy is in our world what Quentin Tarantino might be in her world.

Bishop-Lyons Entertainment LLC

The production company was really quite professional and amazing on the Top Dog shoot in Murrieta California. They were focused and diligent and appeared to stay faithful to the original vision of Top Dog. We are so looking forward to the product of their efforts.

The National Dog Agility League (NDAL)

This is a new organization that will serve as the foundation for the “Reality Show.” The express mission of the organization will be to define and develop the activities of competitive agility league play.

At this point in time there is no franchise fee. And frankly the By Laws of the League will be focused on keeping the league recreational and inexpensive. We are faced with gathering talented and enthusiastic people who will assume management of this new organization. Right now you’ll have to get in touch with me. Once we have elected a Board and Director of Communications… I can get the hell out of the way.

The NDAL by no means is intended to replace or compete with any existing agility organization. All of those organizations are intrinsic to our culture and are important in the training and development of the agility community. NDAL is what you’ve been training for!

We are very interested in the model used by the league or affiliation of clubs in Florida. They run a state championship tournament that sounds like a lot of fun. Somebody get in touch!

Noisiest Passenger

Aldous Huxley once wrote that experience isn’t what happens to you, it’s what you do with what happens to you.


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