Work Study at Country Dream

I’ve been concerned for a long time about the condition of our economy and the impact it’s having on the dog agility community.

When money gets tight people really have to make choices. It’s not just a matter of people cutting back on seminars or the number of trials they enter their dogs. To be frank about it I know of a number of people now who’ve pretty much abandoned the sport altogether because they’ve lost their jobs.

On all of our training programs we will from now on include a Work Study option. I have a huge number of chores and projects on this 28 acre property with which I could use some help. So if a person wouldn’t mind doing a bit of labor; we would be amenable to creating an agility training vacation, including accommodations in exchange for that labor.

This isn’t a matter of charity to be sure. The value of that labor is good as money as far as I’m concerned. And I’m appreciative of a hard-working soul.

If you have any interest in a Work Study arrangement, please contact me at

And, if you’d like to send a link to this page to anyone, send them this:


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6 Responses to “Work Study at Country Dream”

  1. Laura D. Kuterbach Says:

    As a healthy & active 40 year old who loves working outdoors, I would be very interested in your Work Study program. Prior to my dog agility life (which now consumes most of my time and money) I spent my free time caring for horses, so I’m not a stranger to manual labor. I also have a Ph.D. is psychology so I’m good at problem solving and working with others as a team. I would be interested in a Work Study program for a camp during the Summer fo 2010. I have a young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is half way to completing his MX & MXJ and I would love to earn my first MACH with this dog but I need to take my agility skills to the next level and your camp would be a great follow-up to the two Bud Houston weekend seminars that I have attended in Pennsylvania.

    p.s. I love your recycling ideas! As the chair of an AKC trial in May of 2010 I’m going to try to get rid of the plastic water bottles by providing a water dispenser for workers and competetors, asking in the confirmations that people bring their own containers. There is so much waste in our society and I’m open to any ideas specific to a dog agility trial for reducing waste.

    • budhouston Says:

      Hi Laura — Thank you so much for your note! I’ll be contacting you off-line to set something up. Now I have this marvelous image of a Doctor of Psychology stretching fence with me through the woods up on the ridge! 😮


  2. Laura D. Kuterbach Says:

    Terrific; I’m excited about the work study opportunity! I have already spoken to some friends who are interested, too.

    Question: How many psychologists would it take to stretch a fence?
    Answer: Just one, but the fence has to want to stretch!

    Okay, that was a lame joke but there aren’t too many good psychology jokes! Example…

    Question: How did Pavlov’s dog die?
    Answer: He drown in a phone booth!

  3. Missy Reed Says:

    Hey Bud,
    I would love to do a work study at Country Dream! This would be a dream vaction for me! Currently I am running agility with my dearest canine friend, Cassie, a tri-colored sheltie. I am learning so much with her. She is very patient with me and my fumbles.

    Being a middle school science teacher, I have the summer off. I would love to come to Country Dream in that season if possible.

    Thanks for the possibility,
    Missy Reed

  4. Laura Kuterbach Says:

    Hi Missy,

    I also work for a school district and would love to set up a date for a work study with Bud at Country Dream for the Summer of 2010. As the time to submit summer trial premiums creeps closer like a border collie at the start line, I would love to narrow down some dates. End of June or early July would be my first pick; it’s too darn hot in August to be slaving away like a roadside chain gang digging fence post holes or other manual labor tasks).

    Skittles AX MXJ OF
    Morpheus RN AX MXJ OF

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