How to Print Single Posts from the Web Log!

If you’re having a problem printing a single page without printing everything that I’ve written for the month… that means you came in through the main door. You can see on the side bar links to older months, my blogroll, and so forth.

If you click on the title of a specific blog entry it will magically transport you to a page in which only that entry is showing (and none of the side bar stuff); and when you PRINT, it will only be that entry. Looking at the web log this way also spawns a couple of buttons at the top that allow you to step backwards or forwards through chronological postings. It’s a pretty good way to get around.

Should you want to go back to the main door click on the Title “Bud Houston’s Blog” in the marquee. They you’ll be able to see the side bar items and pan through everything I’ve written for a month.

Bud Houston

One Response to “How to Print Single Posts from the Web Log!”

  1. Jo Ussery Says:

    I was on this site the other day & there was an e-book with agility lesson plans for small spaces & now I can find it. Help! Jo

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